Just as it is important for a buyer to get a thorough home inspection prior to purchasing, it is equally important for the seller to get one when considering putting a house on the market. A home inspection will provide a factual foundation of the integrity of the home, allowing you to address any issues that could prevent a timely sale. In addition, equipping yourself with the knowledge of your home’s strengths will allow you to price your home accordingly and engage in a fair and proper negotiation with the buyer.

As a seller, it is vital to select an inspector with both industry experience and know-how. With the services of Andrew Seeger and Safeguard, you get:

– The services of a licensed inspector with over 25 years of industry experience in the building construction management industry
– A comprehensive inspection of interior, exterior, structural, electrical, plumbing and other building components
– A custom report, including images, diagrams, illustrations and summaries emailed within 24 hours of inspection
– The peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are equipped with accurate information about the state of your home